Clutch Story: A Happy Ending

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A Miata clutch disc and pressure plate mated to an MX6 flywheel get things rolling.

I was already using a Spec 1.8 Miata clutch disc and ACT Xtreme pressure plate so I aimed to bring them over to the FE3. Fortunately the first generation Mazda MX6 used the same bolt/pin pattern for the pressure plate and the flywheel bolted to an F block. The only modification needed was welding an extension to the clutch slave rod to attain enough action to disengage the clutch disk. The modified slave rod is no longer than the rod in a B2000 slave, but that slave will not connected to the Miata’s clutch line as it has a different fitting.

Though the solution worked, it wasn’t too long before I found myself stuck in gear. I was less than five miles from home so I limped it home. Once I pulled the transmission I could see the problem cleverly hidden behind the diaphragm springs.

Various clutch pieces were wedged between the springs and the discs. It appears as though the rivets in the center section had started to pull through. The result tolerance was enough for springs to escape and bam.

I found a clutch disc with a far more robust center section from Clutchnet. The hub strength comes from larger rivets, greater enclosure on the springs from the top plate, and a center plate for capturing the springs. It still uses a sprung hub to aid in a smooth transition, but also has the grip of a cerametallic friction surface. I’ve put over 1,500 miles of hard driving on this piece without issue.

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