Intake Manfiold Math: 1 + 1 = 1

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Two stock manifolds come together for a simple solution to feed the FE3.

After rolling a Miata B6 (1.6) manifold around on the floor looking for an intake solution, the answer was suddenly obvious when it was held up to the FE3 manifold. The runners aligned!

The solution seemed simple- just a straight cut across the runners and weld it up. Not. It worked, but more cuts were required to get a level plenum. And there are some harsh angles at the junction of the FE3 stubs and Miata runners.

Fortunately there’s plenty of cast aluminum in the runners to smooth out the junction of the two pieces.

Once installed the hybrid manifold looks just like a stock Miata manifold with all the attachments bolted up to the same locations and the original throttle body on the end.

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