What Sensors Don’t Know

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Find the right spot for your Miata sensors in the FE and they’ll see a Miata engine.

The stock Miata has sensors and switches for air flow, coolant temperature (x2), oil pressure and cam angle. I’ll handle the CAS (cam angle sensor) in another post. These sensor are not specific to the Miata’s engine. They will measure temps (or swtich) regardless of where they’re mounted. Much like the B engines, there are ports available for the same sensors on the FE3. It has four on the rear of the head for coolant. At least three are accessible depending on the coolant mixer used, which is enough for the temperature gauge, the engine management coolant temperature sensor and the fan thermoswitch.

There’s an oil pressure boss just over the oil filter on the intake side of the block for a sender- with plenty of space for the early Miata’s “real” sender.

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